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Since the earth is a natural filtration system, most well water is clean and safe to drink.  It is not run off water in a reservoir or water from a river that could be contaminated.  Occasionally, a well can get bacteria in it.  If bacteria intrude your well, usually a one-time shock chlorination kills the source.  It if does not, an Ultraviolet light system can be installed to destroy the bacteria.  If iron, hardness, or sulfides are present, we can easily be removed with the proper conditioning equipment.

How a Water Well is Drilled

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Will My Well Water Be Safe To Drink?

Water well drilling is not an overwhelming procedure, if you have the right people on the job. You need someone who knows the rules, uses the best practices and has the most advanced equipment.  McMullen Well Drilling can help you with your water well drilling project.  We are a family owned business who have been drilling water wells in Oregon for more than 20 years.  We know the terrain, the water tables, the bedrock and the aquifers.  We can help you estimate water well drilling depth, a well’s yield, and the cost.

Water Well Drilling


Water well drilling prices are typically quoted by the foot.  Drilling the well hole, installing the casing and adding a well cap. The price will vary significantly depending on the type and difficulty of the material being drilled through (sand, solid rock, clay, etc.).

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How a Water Well is Drilled

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