• The most environmentally friendly

  • The most cost-effective

  • The most energy efficient heating and cooling technology available.

  • Uses the free and plentiful stored solar energy undergroundIs naturally renewed. It will never run out

Geothermal Drilling is quite an interesting process, and with proper sizing of your well field (depth and number of wells), is an essential part in achieving long term energy savings.

How Deep Are Geothermal Wells?Geothermal Drilling is typically anywhere from 150 feet deep to 400 feet deep. You would need to conduct a proper HVAC heating and cooling load calculation on the building in question.  But, in general, assume that 200 feet of well depth can provide you with 500 square feet of HVAC in your home. If your home is 1500 square feet, you’ll need 2 separate wells, each 300 feet deep.

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Geothermal drilling is the key step in accessing the Earth’s natural, and free, cooling and heating properties.  With the Earth’s surface maintaining a constant 55 degrees year round, routing heat-exchanging tubes through it will aid in cooling those hot summer days and warming those freezing winter nights.  McMullen Drilling provides access to the Earth’s natural cooling and heating properties.

How Deep Are Geothermal Wells?

Geothermal Drilling

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