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Geotechnical Drilling

When searching for drilling companies in Oregon, be sure you find one that knows their stuff.   McMullen Well Drilling has the licensing and registration required for drilling of geotechnical holes, and has been providing geotechnical drilling or environmental drilling services for more than 20 years.

Environmental Drilling Services

Geotechnical Drilling, as part of a geotechnical investigation, is a procedure for determining the composition and structure of the soil.  This type of investigation is critical in the construction of buildings, or in finding groundwater depth.  The results of Geotechnical drilling help determine soil bearing pressures, such as lateral earth pressure; the pressure that soil exerts in the horizontal direction. The lateral earth pressure is important because it affects the consolidation behavior and strength of the soil and because it is considered in the design of structures such as retaining walls, basements, tunnels, deep foundations and braced excavations.

Environmental drilling services are investigative drillings that examine the physical and chemical properties of a soil. A drilled sample will be studied in a laboratory to determine what is in the soil and how it may be altered by activities such as construction or mining.  A sample will also be examined for existing levels of contaminants and moisture content.

Geotechnical drilling is crucial to projects that incorporate the use of soil structure in its load design.  A professional contractor will first find out the composition and structure of the soils where construction will take place.  Whether it’s soil sampling, core sampling or groundwater sampling, there are few drilling companies in Oregon who know the terrain as well as McMullen Drilling.

Whether you project is simple or complex, McMullen Well Drilling brings:

  • The most experienced and skilled workers
  • The most advanced techniques
  • The latest equipment

McMullen Well Drilling provides the geotechnical drilling and environmental drilling services that gets you going in the right direction.

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