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​Geothermal drilling is the key step in accessing the Earth’s natural, and free, cooling and heating properties.  With the Earth’s surface maintaining a constant 55 degrees year round, routing heat-exchanging tubes through it will aid in cooling those hot summer days and warming those freezing winter nights.  McMullen Well Drilling provides access to the Earth’s natural cooling and heating properties.

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​​Water well drilling is not an overwhelming procedure, if you have the right people on the job. You need someone who knows the rules, uses the best practices and has the most advanced equipment.  McMullen Well Drilling can help.  We are a family owned business who have been drilling water wells in Oregon for more than 30 years.  We know the terrain, the water tables, the bedrock and the aquifers.  We can help you estimate water well drilling depth, a well’s yield, and the cost.

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​Unused wells that are not properly abandoned provide an open channel for disease organisms and other contaminants to travel deep into the ground. Ultimately, landowners can be held responsible for harm to the groundwater resource resulting from old or unused wells. Oregon’s well abandonment standards are designed to prevent contamination, waste of water, loss of artesian pressure and prevent physical injury.